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Avoloplast Trading Group (Fallah Bearing Subdivision), managed by Mohammad Fallah, with over 5 years of experience in Iran and 5 years of activity abroad in the field of import, supply and distribution of bearings, bearings and lead bearing , Oring and Peking, belts, chains, greases, oils and other industrial spare parts were established in line with their economic goals and policies in Iran (Solar). The company has been active in the field of supplying and distributing industrial spare parts for industries, mines and agriculture in the southern and eastern provinces of the country.

Avoloplast also established its overseas offices in Azerbaijan in the year 5 and in the Republic of Georgia and the Federal Republic of Russia under the title of "Avoplast". The main activity of the company is in supplying all kinds of lubricants, bearings, gaskets, bowls and filters for industrial operation.

Avroplast Trading Group In addition to focusing on supplying the industrial requirements of large factories across the country, utilizing its professional team, it has been able to meet the needs of Yazd province extensively and with a dedicated part of the internet sales market. Industrial Products itself registers and responds to various requests and consulting in the field of specialization on its website.